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Generate Leads

Change the Sales Model. We helped Sierra Olympic become the first in their industry to cross over to e-commerce, and it paid off.

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Target Consumers

The Best Business Bank In Texas® turns to Kahuna Marketing to reach business banking consumers.

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Drive Sales

New Product Launch. SawStop's biggest challenge was inventory, not marketing.

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A full-service, digital advertising agency.

Why Kahuna?


KNOWLEDGE: We are Google Partners, certified in Google Analytics, Search, Display, Mobile, Video and Shopping. We embrace Google technology and best practices.

EXPERIENCE: Beyond the certifications, we've worked for the largest publishers, with some of the largest brands in the industry. That deep knowledge and experience means you'll get world-class service, strategy and results.

PERFORMANCE: We're focused on results. We'll show you how we'll measure ROI and we'll earn your business each month. It's why we continue to grow exclusively through referrals from our happy partners.

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Services that drive your business


We are industry leaders in Google AdWords and Bing Ads PPC management. Our high-performance search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns will allow you to efficiently reach consumers who are actively seeking your products and services.


Engage your audience, wherever they are online. We will help you determine the right budget, delivery type, media, target, network, messaging and call-to-action (CTA) to meet your marketing objectives with display advertising.


Whether it's location-based mobile targeting, or video pre-rolls, we'll create the right strategy to engage your consumers through mobile and video. We are Google AdWords Mobile and Video certified, and are experienced in driving results across these channels.


There are no participation trophies in SEO. You have to work hard to be number one in organic search, but we are here to whip you into shape!


If you're not measuring conversions, you're not measuring the right things. Click performance and site statistics are important but in order to truly understand your ROI, you have to track conversions.


Big data. Everyone is collecting data, but not everyone knows how to leverage it. Let us help you unlock the power of consumer data on your website.


Your website may be your first impression. It's imperative that you get it right! Our team will architect, design, build and optimize a site that elevates your brand, drives results, and creates a user experience that you can be proud of.


Identity crisis? No problem. Our creative team thrives on developing brands. From brand voice, to colors, visual imagery to fonts, our innovative approach gives clients of all sizes an aesthetic and personality that gets them noticed.


The stats can’t be refuted. Video and animation are the most-watched, most-shared and most-influential digital media formats out there and if they are not on your content plan for this year, they should be.

Some of our Featured Works

We have worked on some Awesome Projects that are worth boasting of.