Analytics & Optimization

Data Driven Results


Content, Links...And Don't Forget Local

First things first.  Your website has to be indexable.  We will ensure that there are no issues preventing Google from finding and properly categorizing your site.  Once those items are optimized, it all comes down to content and links.

We wish there was a magic pill for SEO, but there are no must have relevant, engaging content to do well in organic search.  We will help you optimize your content to align with your SEO keyword strategy and compel your audience to take action.

In addition to content, you must have links to win in SEO.  Google looks at external links to your website as endorsements, or an indication of credibility and leadership in the marketplace...and long gone are the days when you could just spam your URL out to every blog on the planet.  Links must be natural and relevant.  We will help you build a linking stategy that Google is sure to love.

Local Search Optimization

If local has not come up in your planning, you are missing one of the pillars of search!  When Google determines local intent in a search query, your organic search link will be moved down the page to make room for local listings.  It is an under-optimized area in many markets and it may be your best shot at getting to the top of the page.  Let us show you how we can drive incremental clicks and foot traffic to your business through local search optimizations.


Big data. What's it telling you?

Take the guess work out of site performance and marketing through analytics.  We provide consulting options that range from simple site performance reviews, to full site usage reports.  We are Google Analytics certified and use Google Tag Manager to track on-page activity such as video completions, site searches, downloads, form entries, click paths, and much more.  

Analysis of user data can highlight trends in site usage and marketing effectiveness.  It can help uncover opportunities to improve the conversion path, and it can inform site redesigns, ensuring that decisions on content and design are data driven.


Return On Investment

Conversions come in many forms and can result from multiple marketing channels.  Our conversion tracking implementation, analysis and reporting will ensure that you are taking a balanced, holistic approach to marketing.  We will provide insights on conversion click paths and analyze attribution models to show your cross-channel marketing efforts are working together to drive revenue.

Site Call Tracking

We typically include call tracking as in important part of our conversion tracking solutions.  Not only can we track calls coming directly from our ads, but we can also track manually-dialed calls from your website.  We are proud to have been one of the first agencies to implement Google Call Tracking through Google Tag Manager.  Let us show you how this FREE solution can shed light on consumer behavior...and your bottom line.